Today's Devotional Thought

October 17, 2014, By Rachel Piferi

I just love when something new pops right off the page when I am reading a familiar passage in the Bible. And today, I cannot wait to share something with you that I think can change each one of our daily lives.

At the beginning of the year, our pastor challenged us to read through the Gospels (one chapter per day) for the entire year. Doing this, we will end up having read the Gospels 4 times by the end of the year. We have just begun our final trip through and are at the end of Matthew for a 4th time this year!

I have absolutely loved doing this mostly because I have enjoyed the repetition and each time I sit down to read, I ask the Lord to show me something new. I find myself yearning each morning for something fresh in verses & stories that we are reading repeatedly throughout the year.

And God never disappoints.

Recently, we were in the 17th chapter of Matthew. In this chapter, you see the Transfiguration and the healing of a demon possessed boy. And, in just two verses midway through the chapter, you also read about Jesus telling his disciples (again) about his upcoming death.

And as I read these two verses recently, I stopped and noticed something I never had before...

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