Today's Devotional Thought

January 05, 2018, By Rachel Piferi

I love snow days. It gives me a lot of time to read and wander the Internet for various blogs and thoughts penned out there in cyberspace. It also gives me a lot of time to think as I clean out closets and freezers and all those places that get neglected when I'm not trapped in the house.

Today, I want to share a blog that I read yesterday and also a bit of my story and how dangerously close I was to being the woman described in this blog. The blog was posted on Oprah's website and you can read it here.

I'll warn you, it is a LONG blog (and as I've started writing mine in response here, so is mine. Sorry!).

Typically, I don't make it to the end of a blog this long, but this one captivated me from its first devastating, exhausted word. The general theme of the blog is how Generation X women (my aged women) are experiencing a midlife crisis like none other that has ever been seen. Through anecdotes and research, the blogger shares how lost, exhausted, and depressed women of my generation are. Especially, supposedly successful women. The blog is full of stories of women who have risen in their professions, drive luxury cars, have elite gym memberships and teenagers clad with iPhones and Hollister jeans and are simply dying inside. It seems that women of my generation, who have achieved all that they were told they could when they were young and ambitious, feel lost, unfulfilled, and quite frankly, lied to.

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