Today's Devotional Thought

October 13, 2016, By Rachel Piferi

The Lord woke me up very early this morning. And, I love mornings when He does that. Mornings when you are so wide awake, several hours before you're supposed to get up, and you just know it is the Lord inviting you to have a few more moments with Him to start your day.

The house was so quiet and it was just Jesus and me talking through some things.

As I was spending time with Him, my mind wandered to all of the events of the past week. If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, it is full of comments, blogs, and memes about the election. If your friend group is like mine, you have a mixture of thoughts and opinions displayed.

And if your heart is anything like mine, you are likely filled with grief over where we find ourselves politically. I'll be honest, my soul is deeply grieved by what I hear and see on the political stage. Most in my circle think both candidates have their unsavory qualities and are just trying to decide which unsavory qualities are less bad for our country.

For fear that you think this is a political post or about to dive into all of the reasons you should overlook words for actions or why you should keep the Supreme Court in mind in an effort to justify an unsavory choice, let me tell you, it is not.

This post is really my effort to share my heart; a heart that feels so beat up by the state of our country right now and the choices before us. A heart and mind that are earnestly seeking God's wisdom for how to move forward and honor Him for our nation.

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