Today's Devotional Thought

May 27, 2017, By Wendy Foreman

If we are being honest we would all have to admit to some degree that we walked into parenting not being sure of how to do it. Many of us probably didn't even think all that much about parenting until we had our first child. We didn't think about sleepless nights, potty training, temper tantrums or about school and their relationships, the drama, fights, tears, hurts, broken hearts. Nor did we think about sex talks, boyfriends, girlfriends, graduation, college, careers??? It makes my mind spin just typing those words. Plainly put, there are so many things that we as parents face with our kids, and if we aren't on our knees in prayer asking God for wisdom and asking him for guidance and direction, we will struggle to help guide them in life.

I remember with our oldest sitting in the rocking chair in her nursery before she was even born and holding my belly and rocking back and forth and praying for her. Praying for God's leading in her life, praying for her spouse, praying for friendships, praying that her identity would be in Christ and she would recognize who she is in Him and that she would love herself and love Jesus with all that is in her. I have prayed those same things over my son.

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