Today's Devotional Thought

November 13, 2017, By Rachel Piferi

What does God want you to do in this season of your life?

Hard question? For many it is. In fact, when we talk to women, one of the most common themes that comes up is purpose in life and what it is that the Lord wants you to be doing with your time. For many, it is paralyzing to not have a purpose. And we know that heeding God's voice and walking in the assignments He has for you leads to so much fulfillment and joy.

So often, when we talk about purpose in life, we talk about finding our purpose. But, what about changing our purpose?

For those who have very clearly heard an assignment from the Lord and have followed that path, when was the last time you sat alone with the Lord and asked Him if your assignment has changed?

By that I mean, when was the last time you sat with the Lord, evaluated all that you were doing with your time and resources (things that He may have even led you to), and asked Him if He had something new for you? Asked Him if perhaps your season with some task or assignment was done?

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