Today's Devotional Thought

March 20, 2015, By Wendy Foreman

Just because something is permitted does not mean it is beneficial. In today's verses, the Corinthians were not seeking the helpful things, or the things that would edify. Essentially, instead of wanting to go forward with Jesus as much as they could, they wanted to know how much they could get away with and still be Christians.

That's the wrong approach!

As well, the Corinthian Christians were asking one question: what's the harm to me? They did not consider how their actions were harming others.

Just because something is fine for me does not mean I should do it. My own "rights" or what I know to be permitted for myself are not the standards by which I judge my behavior. I must consider what is the loving thing to do towards my brothers and sisters in Jesus (David Guzik's Bible Commentary).

I find these verses to be challenging, especially when you read the commentary on them. Many of us will justify what we do by using the phrase...

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