Today's Devotional Thought

February 02, 2017, By Rachel Piferi

"It's not fair."

I knew the day would come that I would hear that from my daughter. The little one who has gone to doctor's appointment after doctor's appointment for years with little complaint. The one who has taken medicine two times a day without even questioning it. The one who has missed school and not been allowed to play sports and not had chocolate or soda like other kids.

But last night, she wanted to have some "Cheez-its."

Seems simple enough.

And in her mind, not a real big deal.

But after yesterday's appointment, and a tighter restriction on food so that her kidneys could stay healthy as long as possible, Cheez-its were not an option any more.

"It's not fair."

"Why do I have to have this?"

Oh how I wanted to answer her well. And like any mom, I would take it myself in a heartbeat. I'll give up "Cheez-its" and chocolate and soda and fast food and anything processed so she could be a normal kid.

But, I can't.

This is her life to live.

This is her story...

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