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July 03, 2017, By Rachel Piferi

In Sunday school recently, we studied one of my favorite passages of Scripture. In fact, as our teacher was introducing what our lesson was about, my eyes started brimming with tears because this topic, and the people we studied, are beyond precious to me. And as I sat and listened, my heart was reminded once again of the importance of this topic.

And I started to think how we, as women, do it all wrong.

Our topic in Sunday school recently was friendship. And our Scripture was I Samuel 18 where we are told about the friendship of David and Jonathan.

In the first part of I Samuel 18, we are told that God knitted the heart of Jonathan to the heart of David. And we are told that Jonathan loved David as his own soul. We are also told that he gave David his robe and armor and sword and belt and bow. In that one sweeping gesture of giving David all of his royal and military pieces, he was giving David his very own life.

In this one exchange, Jonathan was showing David that all he had was now David's. He held nothing back. All he had was available now to David. He laid it all down for his friend.

It's a very familiar story to me and one that I hold dear because of the symbolism it holds in my own life. And ever since we studied this, I couldn't stop thinking about the lesson in this for us all. I couldn't stop thinking about how I am afraid we approach friendship (and all relationships) all wrong. And as a result, so many of us miss the rich blessing that both Jonathan and David received.

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