Today's Devotional Thought

December 06, 2018, By Rachel Piferi

If I have learned anything as I've aged, it is that life often doesn't turn out the way we expect it to. I've not come to that truth easily. In fact, I think most people who have gotten there have done so through much wrestling and letting go. It's a painful wrestle to get that truth to settle in your heart.

Relationships are not what we expected.

Jobs and callings are not what we expected.

Seasons and situations are not what expected.

Life just flat out isn't what we expected it would be.

And if we're being honest, our individual relationships with the Lord are not what we expected either.

It's all harder than we ever expected.

But, if we wrestle past the hard, life with Jesus is also more glorious, more joy-filled, and more abundant than we could have ever expected as well.

And you know what else?

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