Today's Devotional Thought

December 11, 2017, By Rachel Piferi

How much energy do you spend wishing, or maybe even praying, that things in your life would be different?

Illness. Relationships. Job situations.

There are all sorts of things in our lives that are not perfect. Things that cause us real pain and real heartache. Things that we wish were...


Recently, my oldest daughter had surgery at our local children's hospital. It was a minor, routine surgery to remove two rods from her arm that were placed there to help her heal from a bad break last spring. This particular children's hospital is like a second home for us. It is where my other daughter gets her routine kidney check-ups and various other testings. It's a place that has become very dear to me and each time we go, I am overcome with many emotions.

Last week, when we were checking in for surgery, I became so aware of the other patients and their families who were also checking in for surgery.

Children of all ages.

Toddlers. Children. Teenagers.

Suffering from all sorts of ailments.

Some visible. Some not visible.

Each one with their own unique story. Their own struggles and triumphs. Their own families.

I saw a sweet little girl who was probably only about 18 months old. She had the tiniest little operating room gown on. And, as she teetered across the waiting room floor to get a toy, I saw her sw ...Read more of Today's Devotional Thought

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