Chapter 1: Locking Eyes with Your Lion

Week 1

What lion are you chasing? Is it a God-sized dream that has you scared? Does it appear ridiculous to those around you? This chapter has shown us that sometimes things that appear silly, ridiculous and dangerous are the very things that become our big break in life. Benaiah chased that lion down, killed him in the pit and walked away. Now tell me that wasn’t ridiculous and dangerous? But after that incident, a good thing happens in Benaiah’s life and that is that he becomes the body guard to King David and continues to work his way up to become the commander of the King’s Army.

We’ve all had things happen in our lives that felt terrible, ridiculous and painful. But, when we’ve come through them and pulled back and looked at the big picture, we have seen that God knew exactly what He was doing. One of the most powerful quotes in the first chapter of the book is, “God strategically positions us in the right place at the right time.” It continued on to say, “God is awfully good at getting us where He wants us to go and that the right place often seems like the wrong place, and the right time often seems like the wrong time.” How many of us have felt like our lives were interrupted by what the Lord had planned for us? I remember many times being comfortable in my life and feeling like everything was going great and something happens and boom everything changes. Those are the times when you look back and can really see God’s hand at work changing you into who He wants you to be and positioning you where He can use you most effectively.

But guess what? Even if God places opportunities in front of you to chase after, you have to do the chasing. You have to act. You have to seize the opportunity that God has for you. What seems like the wrong place, could just be the right place if you seize the opportunities that await there. Allow yourself to be open to the opportunities that the Lord has for you at what you might think is the wrong time and the wrong place.

Are you afraid to chase lions? Your team here at After the Miracle, is composed of someone who prefers to not be out of her comfort zone and one who seems to look for excuses to leave hers (we’ll let you guess who’s who). But, even though they may have different natural tendencies towards lion chasing, both can feel scared to death in new challenges. There are times that both can feel limited by what they think their talents and abilities are. And even today, both have God-sized dreams that they think are pretty crazy on some days. But, both have learned that if we don’t give the Lord the opportunity to work in our lives and do amazing things then, like it said in this chapter, the Lord will never get the glory He deserves.

Decide to be a lion chaser!! To some it comes natural. They just grab the lion by the mane, hold on, and go with it. Then there are those of us who are afraid. But this first chapter shows us that we must unlearn our fears and embrace uncertainty. My friends, this is something we pray for everyday. If we can chase lions and go after dreams that seem ridiculous and silly to some, then so can you. Let’s start chasing those lions together.

Things to think and pray about this week:

1. Are you naturally a lion chaser? Or does the thought of chasing lions scare you death?

2. When have you chased a lion in your past? How did it turn out? Does that experience keep you from chasing lions now? Or, does that experience reinforce your desire to chase lions?

3. We can all be lion chasers. What lion do you feel God is asking you to chase?

4. Do you have regrets of action in your past? How about regrets of inaction?

As you read this week’s chapter and try to answer these questions, remember to spend time praying that God will show you the answers to these questions. If you are not naturally a lion chaser, that’s okay. Ask God to give you the strength and courage to chase after your God-sized dreams. If you are naturally a lion chaser, then be careful that you don’t jump on every lion that runs by. Remember to continue to ask for God’s direction and discernment to see the lions that God has sent into your life. We all can, and must, be lion chasers after the opportunities that God has given us. Do not let fear hold you back from the awesome opportunities that God has for you.

Looking Ahead to WEEK 2:

We will discuss Chapter 2.

Do you have any stories or thoughts that you’d like to share with others this week as they ponder whether they are lion chasers, their history with lion chasing, or the lions that may be in their life? If so, please feel free to comment in the box below. We welcome any comments on how you believe the Lord is working in you as you read In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day.

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