Chapters 8 & 9: The Importance of Looking Foolish & Conclusion

Week 8

“Can I tell you why some people have never killed a giant or walked on water or seen the walls come tumbling down? It’s because they weren’t willing to look foolish.”

Are you willing to look foolish to chase after the opportunities that God has for you? In the last two chapters of our book, we explore how chasing after the lions that God has for us can oftentimes make us look foolish in the world’s eyes. In this chapter, we see many examples from the Bible of people who looked foolish in their pursuit of God’s plans. As he says in Chapter 8:

“Noah looked foolish building an ark in the desert. Sarah looked foolish buying maternity clothes at ninety. The Israelites looked foolish marching around Jericho blowing trumpets. Benaiah looked foolish chasing a lion. The wise men looked foolish following yonder star. Peter looked foolish stepping out of the boat in the middle of the lake. And Jesus looked foolish hanging half-naked on the cross.”

But as the author of your book states, looking foolish is the essence of faith. And, as he explains, having faith yields results that speak for themselves: “Noah was saved from the flood. Sarah gave birth to Isaac. The walls of Jericho came tumbling down. David defeated Goliath. Benaiah killed the lion. The wise men found the Messiah. Peter walked on water. And Jesus rose from the dead.”

Have you ever walked on water? Killed a giant? Or anything similar? Could it be because you were afraid to look foolish?

This chapter shows us how we are afraid to look foolish because we crave to be like everyone else. We want to conform to those around us and not be made fun of. However, it is important to recognize that blending in with everyone else just means that we lose our individuality and thus stop making the unique contribution that God created us to make. In conforming to the standards around us, we are not fulfilling God’s purposes for us. So, in essence, looking foolish for God means that we are turning our backs on the world’s standards and only paying attention to what He thinks of us. We are willing to follow God’s lead, even if it looks odd to others, because we trust that He is leading us according to His plan for us. And that is really the mark of spiritual maturity: “caring less and less about what people think about you and more and more about what God thinks of you.”

Ultimately, chasing lions means that you have to be willing to look foolish in the world’s eyes. You have to be willing to do things that the Lord is asking you to do, even if they look really crazy to those around you. And let’s face it, God has a history of asking people to do things that look really crazy at first.

Looking foolish is one of the seven skills you’ll need if you want to be a lion chaser. In the final summary chapter of this book (Chapter 9), the author reminds us of the seven skills that we need to be lion chasers for the Lord. They are:

1. You have to try to comprehend the infiniteness of God so that you can believe that He can help you to defy the odds.

2. You have to face your fears.

3. You have to learn to reframe your problems through Scripture reading, prayer, and worship.

4. You must take risks and seize opportunities.

5. You have to get in tune with the Holy Spirit.

6. You have to listen to His still, small voice prompting you and believe that He is setting you up for success.

7. You have to accept that you’re going to look foolish sometimes.

Are you ready to look foolish by chasing the lion that God has for you to chase? Are you ready to live in prayer mode and ask the Holy Spirit to show you your lion? It’s time to embrace the foolishness of living a life directed by God’s opportunities for you.

Things to think and pray about this week:

1. What do you feel like the Lord is asking you to chase?

2. What aspects of this dream look foolish to others?

3. Are you willing to look foolish?

4. Do you feel like you have missed out on any blessings because you were afraid to look foolish?

5. Are you living each day in tune with the Holy Spirit?

As we conclude this book, I hope you have seen how to have a full, rich life that honors Him. And, I hope that you have seen that this full, rich life requires that you take risks. And, oftentimes, these risks look foolish to those around us. But, always remember that when you are taking a God-ordained risk, then it isn’t foolish at all. In fact, it’s more foolish to not follow God’s lead than to follow it.

As you embark on your life as a lion chaser, please remember these final comments: 1. Continue to ask for God’s direction and discernment to see the opportunities that He wants you to seize. 2. Be willing to take risks. 3. Accept that you are going to look foolish sometimes. We all can, and must, be lion chasers after all of the opportunities that God has given us: big and small. Be open to grabbing the lion’s mane and taking the risks so that you can take your life from good to great.

What lion is God calling you to chase?

Do you have any stories or thoughts that you’d like to share with others this week as they reflect on this week’s reading. If so, please feel free to comment in the box below. We welcome any comments on how you believe the Lord is working in you as you read In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day.

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