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"So Pharaoh asked them, “Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?"

~Genesis 41:38

Today's Devotional Thought

July 21, 2010 by Wendy Foreman


Use It!

What do we know about Joseph of the Old Testament? We know that he was the favorite son of Jacob. Jacob had made him a beautiful coat of many colors which made his brothers very jealous. In fact, when Joseph was younger, he was full of pride and it caused problems with his brothers. He once had two dreams that, when interpreted, made it appear as though one day his brothers would bow down and serve him. Because of their jealousy of Joseph, his brothers decided one day to throw him into a cistern, but while deciding what to do once he was in there, they sold him as a slave to some Midianite men who took him to Egypt. His father was led to believe that he was killed by a wild animal and he was distraught by the news of his death.

When you look at what Joseph faced so far it appears as though he was wronged by his brothers and his relationship with his father was taken from him. What did Joseph do that was so wrong that put him in the position he was in? My answer to that is that he did nothing wrong.

If we continue on in the story, you see that Joseph made his way to ruling the house of the Pharaoh. He faced many obstacles along the way and he could have gotten very discouraged as he faced them, but Joseph understood that what matters isn’t the circumstances we face in life. It is the way that we respond to them.

You see, Joseph did become that ruler that his brothers bowed down to. They were left in their country during a terrible famine and Joseph was in Egypt distributing food to the people. They came face to face with him and Joseph was able to tell them that what they meant for evil God meant for good. Joseph ended up exactly where God wanted him to be.

Sometimes we go through bad circumstances and we have no real answers about why they are happening. But, when we get where we are going, we can look back and see God’s hand was weaved through out it. We can see how He was watching over us and keeping us safe.

How are you responding today to the things in your life that are obstacles? Are you complaining? Are you allowing them to distract and draw you away from the Lord? When we have God in our life, any bad situation that comes our way can be used for good.

Rachel and I started After the Miracle because we had things thrown into our life that were hard. These things brought us to our knees and we learned how to take them and turn them into something good. Ladies, find a way to minister to someone else with what you have been through. Pray today that God will use it and use you to do something awesome for Him.

Memorize this verse today:

"So Pharaoh asked them, “Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?"
~Genesis 41:38

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