Verse of the Day

"May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed."

~Psalm 20:4

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June 03, 2011 by Wendy Foreman


Passion and Purpose

“We all need to discover a purpose for our lives, a purpose that excites us and causes us to live each day with passion.”
~Gigi Graham Tchividijan

What is your passion and purpose in life? In a recent interview, Rick Warren, pastor and author of the popular book, A Purpose Driven Life, talked about doing what you are passionate about. We all need to find that thing that makes us happy, that makes us want to get up in the morning and go about our day. That makes us want to make an impact in our community and in the world around us.

Very few of us find that passion in our careers. When we are younger we make our career choice based on what our parents or those close to us suggest. When we grow a little older, we may make a career change based on circumstances in life or maybe we choose a career based on what we will make money at or what will build a good future for our family. If you are someone who has chosen a career that you are passionate about, then I must say I am very happy for you. I know that my husband, being a pastor, is very passionate about what he does and he feels that his job has tremendous purpose. He is very happy and I am as well. Serving people and pointing them to Jesus is what we are passionate about. We want to make a difference because Jesus has made such a difference in our lives.

What about you? If your career is not what you are passionate about, then what is? Is it reading and learning so that you can teach others? Is it cooking for those who are hurting? Is it inviting people into your home and making them feel special and loved? Maybe it’s working with youth, being a good role model for them and teaching them. I could go on and on with suggestions of things that you could be passionate about.

I believe that everyone needs to have something that they love to do, something that makes them want to wake up in the morning, something that fills them with joy. In addition to that, though, I think it is awesome to have someone who shares the same passion with you. Rachel and I are very passionate about women’s ministry. We feel very strongly that God is leading us in this direction. Our lives have been full of experiences that we want to share and we want to show women that we all struggle and that God is merciful and that God is in control of all things. He is faithful!!

If you are not sure what you are passionate about, please don’t be discouraged. Just pray and search and ask God to show you what it is He wants you to do in this life that fills you with passion and purpose.

Memorize this verse today:

"May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed."
~Psalm 20:4

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