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"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."

~John 15:13

Today's Devotional Thought

June 16, 2011 by Rachel Piferi


Safe Friends

It has been a very busy week. And, it seems like there has been very little time to just sit and relax. However, for about an hour yesterday afternoon, Wendy and I were able to sit on my front porch and talk. It seems like we haven’t had a lot of time lately to just sit and talk, but yesterday, we did get about an hour for one of those heart to heart talks between BFFs that we just cherish as women.

At one point in the conversation, we began talking about feeling safe in life. And, we talked about some of the things that I wrote about in yesterday’s devotion. And as I have reflected on the concept of feeling safe in life, I realize that one of the biggest areas of our life where we want to feel safe is in our relationships. As women, I believe that we all need to have people in our lives who make us feel safe to open up, share our hearts, and reveal our flaws. And part of feeling safe in relationships is feeling like the love they have for you is unconditional and that your transparency will not jeopardize their love for you. Furthermore, feeling safe in a relationship means that you trust that the other individual is committed to being in your life through all sorts of weather.

As I thought about the concept of feeling safe in relationships, I began to realize that ultimately, when you feel safe in a relationship, I believe you are feeling God’s love through another person. You are feeling a trustworthy, unconditional, grace-filled love. And if this person is committed to loving like Jesus loves, then they are the safest friend you can have on this earth.

I pray that you have someone in your life who is committed to loving like Jesus loves and who demonstrates that love to you. I pray that you have someone who you can feel safe with and who you can sit for an hour on a Wednesday afternoon and share with.

But even more than praying that you have this type of friend, I pray that you are this type of friend. We should all strive to love like Jesus loves and demonstrate that love to others. Ladies, I know how much some of you desire safe relationships. And I know that it sometimes feels like you will never have a dear friend who can be a place of comfort, acceptance, and safety. But, I firmly believe that the best way to find meaningful relationships is to demonstrate the characteristics that you are looking for.

So my advice today…..Love like Jesus loves.

And pray that God will send you someone who also strives to love like Jesus loves. And, may I suggest that while you are praying for God to send this type of friend into your life, that you focus not just on having this type of friend, but on becoming this type of friend for others.

Memorize this verse today:

"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."
~John 15:13

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