Verse of the Day

"The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."

~Psalm 34:18

Today's Devotional Thought

August 30, 2011 by Rachel Piferi


Crushed in Spirit

Have you ever been brokenhearted? Crushed in spirit? Depressed? Do you feel depressed today?

Friends, I want to talk about a very serious topic today and that topic is depression. And, I want to talk about it today because so many seem to be afraid to talk about it. They are ashamed of it. They are confused by it. And, they feel isolated because of it. And unfortunately, I am afraid that we, as a body of believers, have let each other down when it comes to the topic of depression. Because we simply don’t want to talk about it.

If you google “depression and God,” you will get a host of sites on the topic. The sites range from good, solid Christian resources for combating depression to inflammatory and derogatory sites that make the depressed Christian feel weak in their faith, untrusting of God, and ashamed of their emotional health. There are so many conflicting viewpoints on the topic of depression. But, I am here to tell you today that depression is real. It can have a host of causes. And, your treatment for depression largely depends on the causes in your specific situation.

If you are battling extreme sadness today that has been prolonged and is affecting your ability to interact with others, maintain your home, or carry on with your normal daily routine, then may I first extend to you my warmest acknowledgement of your suffering. And, may I also present to you the fact that you do not have to live like that anymore. You can begin to combat these feelings today.

But, the first step to treating depression, is acknowledging that it exists in you. You should not be ashamed or embarrassed by these feelings. When you read through the Psalms, they are full of people crying out to the Lord in deep despair and sadness. Depression is not unknown to God. He is close to you today and He desires that you not be brokenhearted or crushed in spirit anymore.

If you suspect that you may be experiencing depression or a deep prolonged sadness, then talk to someone today. Talk to your pastor, your pastor’s wife, or someone in your church whom you can trust who can point out the Christian resources in your community. And, begin your road to combating your depression today.

God does not desire for us to be brokenhearted or crushed in spirit. And, He does not desire for us to be isolated when we feel crushed in spirit. Draw close to Him today and draw close to others who may be able to lead you to the resources in your community that could help you with this battle. But first and foremost, do not be ashamed of your emotions and acknowledge today that you may need help with this battle. Secondly, please realize dear sisters that there are many ways that your depression could be managed, depending on the causes of it. And, uncovering those root causes may take the assistance of a professional who is trained in Christian counseling. Seek out that professional help today.

If you feel brokenhearted or crushed in spirit today, please pursue healing. Draw close to the Lord and allow Him to send to you the friends, professionals, and family members who could help you through this battle. And know that I will be praying today for all of those who are crushed in spirit, that the Lord would reveal Himself in a mighty way and send healing to them.

Memorize this verse today:

"The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."
~Psalm 34:18

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