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"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift."

~II Corinthians 9:15

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December 06, 2011 by Rachel Piferi



I wrote this blog a couple of years ago at Christmas time and I wanted to post it again. Enjoy...

Every night before we go to bed, we say our prayers with the kids. And, every night, we ask what they want to pray about. Usually, I'll ask them, "What do you want to thank God for?" And, my daughter just starts listing things and phrases. Anna is good at thanking God for every minor detail in her life. I don't think it is just because she is mindful of the need to thank God for big and small things. I really think it is because she knows it delays bed just a little longer. It is cute at first and then when we get to thanking God for staplers and other random household items, I usually cut her off.

Last night, my husband was out at my son's basketball practice, so it was just Anna and me for prayer time. And, I wanted to share her prayer with you today because I think we could all glean something from it. This is what she said (and I'm paraphrasing a little from my memory)...

Dear God,

Thank you for Luke and Isabella and Mommy and Daddy. Thank you that tomorrow is Friday and then there is no school. Thank you that Christmas is almost here. Thank you that we get to have Christmas and see lots of people that we don't get to see a lot. Thank you for toys. Thank you for Santa who gives people presents. And thank you that Santa gave us Jesus on the first Christmas. Watch everybody that we know. Thank you for all our friends. Help us to not to miss some people too much that we don't get to see too often. Amen.

As I listened to her prayer, my heart smiled as I heard her earnest thankfulness for these things in her life. When she gets older, we will work on her theology a little about Santa and Jesus at the first Christmas! But, in the meantime, I can learn a lot from her prayer of the important things at Christmas time and her trust that God will watch everyone that we know.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season and can take the time to see it through a child's eyes and thank God for all of the blessings in their lives.

Memorize this verse today:

"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift."
~II Corinthians 9:15

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