Verse of the Day

"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds."

~Hebrews 10:24

Today's Devotional Thought

January 05, 2012 by Rachel Piferi


Journey Partner

Do you have a journey partner?

You may have heard the term accountability partner before. In fact, we have even written here before about having a good accountability partner in life. Typically, when we talk about accountability partners, we are referring to someone who can help you grow in the Lord and do what you're supposed to do. They lovingly urge you to do what you know you are supposed to be doing and they call you out when you aren't doing what you are supposed to be doing. And, when we are making New Year's resolutions and trying to make changes at the beginning of the year, you may think that someone to keep you accountable is very necessary!

I'll be honest, though, I don't really like the term "accountability partner." Maybe it is because it has a slight connotation of getting in trouble or maybe it is the fact that your accountability partner kicks in when you've started to fail. But, for whatever reason, I prefer to have a journey partner rather than an accountability partner. I prefer to have someone who will walk this journey with me and do more than just keep me accountable.

You see, the more I walk with Jesus in this life, the more I realize that life is a journey with many ups and down. There are seasons of immense change and seasons of calm sameness. There are moments of walking in perfect step with the Lord's commands and moments of selfish drifting. There are seasons of great joy and seasons of indescribable pain. And one thing I have noticed as I walk this journey, is that something is always happening that requires my attention and can lead to my growth. And my growth depends on my walk with the Lord and my walk with the Lord is encouraged by having a journey partner to walk through all of those seasons with.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my journey partner and we reviewed 2011. We talked about the ups and the downs. The good moments and the bad. The things that uplifted us and the things that discouraged us.

And more than anything, we talked about the growth that we had experienced in 2011.

As I thought about our conversation later, I realized how important it is to review the journey every now and then. It is a good thing to do each year and I think it is a good thing to do with your journey partner, with the person who has walked the highs and lows with you. And while it is important to set goals and things to strive for in the next year, it is just as important to rest for a moment in the previous year and celebrate the victories of that year. Take time to rejoice with your journey partner as you reflect on the journey and then prepare for the future.

As you continue in this first week of 2012, I encourage you to reflect on all of the good and bad of the previous year. Please don't focus just on what you need to change or what you need to be held accountable to. Focus on the entire journey and celebrate the journey. And, celebrate the journey with someone. It is how God intended it and it is far richer that way. I know I am very grateful for my journey partner and how she does hold me accountable, but how she also celebrates with me, grows with me, learns with me, and walks with me through all of the seasons of life.

Memorize this verse today:

"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds."
~Hebrews 10:24

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