Verse of the Day

"For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable."

~Romans 11:29

Today's Devotional Thought

March 06, 2012 by Rachel Piferi


Not Good Enough

Do you ever have feelings of not being good enough? Maybe you feel like you are not a good enough wife. Maybe you feel like you are not a good enough mother. Maybe you feel like you are not a good enough friend or employee.

Whatever the area, it hurts to think you are not good enough.

But, have you ever had someone tell you that? That in some role that you are in (and that you may even think that you are doing well in), you really aren't fulfilling it the way that it needs to be done. You just aren't good enough.

Hurts, doesn't it?

I have had that experience in a couple of different roles recently. And girlfriends, it bothers me big time when I feel like I am not doing something well enough.

I actually woke up early this morning thinking about this very thing in one particular role and wrestled with God over it. And I asked him, am I just not supposed to be good enough in this area? Am I supposed to just step aside and realize that despite my best efforts, I won't ever be enough? That maybe somebody else would be better in this role than me?

Maybe you have had that experience. You don't have the talent or the experience or the background to do what is needed in a particular situation. And despite your best efforts, you really will never be good enough.

What do you do?

As I have thought and prayed about it, I have come to realize that sometimes we need to accept that we just aren't made for every assignment. We aren't good in every role and in my situation. I had to realize that it just may not be my role to fill anymore. And if I try to fill it, I will keep getting my heart broken when I hear that I am not enough.

So, I released it.

I gave up trying to be good enough in that particular situation. Because the truth is, I'm not good enough for that assignment because I wasn't made for that assignment. And in submission to God, I must let it go to be filled by someone else so I can fulfill roles that God has made me good enough for.

Sweet sisters, if you are trying to force yourself into a job or a role or a relationship that you weren't designed to fill, you will be faced with frustration and heartache trying to fill it. And it may be time to let it go and realize that you aren't good enough for that particular assignment because you weren't designed for that assignment.

And it is time to realize that you are more than good enough for another assignment that God has for you. So aim for that one!

Memorize this verse today:

"For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable."
~Romans 11:29

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