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"Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, join us there. Our God will fight for us!"

~Nehemiah 4:20

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June 05, 2012 by Rachel Piferi


Dragging on the Journey

I posted the following as After the Miracle's Facebook status last night: "Wow, I have been dragging {physically, emotionally, spiritually} all day long...ever been there?? Looking forward to some quiet time when the kids go to bed. Praying for all of you who also may be dragging today...much love friends!"

If you are alive, I know you have been there before.

So, what do you do when you are dragging?

It is not surprising that I was dragging yesterday. Over the weekend, as Wendy mentioned yesterday, we attended Angela Thomas' Beautiful Life conference with the ladies of our church. It was a wonderful weekend on many levels. The teaching, the music, the fellowship, and the presence of the Lord made the entire weekend so very special. Oh how I enjoyed every moment.

As typically happens (it is so predictable that it doesn't even shock me anymore), there was a little post-conference let down. The "re-entry" period, as I like to call it, always includes switching my mindset from one of mountain top worship to one of valley obligations. And yesterday, I spent my day picking up the house {it is not pretty when mama is gone for two days}, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and just getting everything back in order for the week.

And needless to say, as my Facebook status suggested, I was dragging. Oh how I wanted to stay on the mountain. And, oh how I did not want to do laundry or vaccuum!

Now, being that this is not my first experience with post-conference re-entry, I knew exactly what the remedy was and I looked forward to it all day long. So, after I said prayers and kissed the kids good-night, I went downstairs to my recently cleaned kitchen, sat at my favorite place to meet the Lord (my breakfast table), and opened my Bible in great anticipation.

My man was out in the garage doing man-things and I had extended quiet for the first time in a couple of days to spend with the Lord. And, with just the hum of the refrigerator in my airspace, I asked God to lead me where he would like me to go.

I wasn't exactly sure what verses to camp on. And, as I was preparing to sit down, I asked the Lord where to go.

And he led me to the book of Nehemiah.

It seemed a little strange to me at first, but I knew I had clearly heard him tell me to read through that book. And within moments of reading, I had tears in my eyes at the thought that God had led me exactly where I needed to go to hear from him that day. And like he only can do, he spoke into my soul with the perfect words to ease my dragging spirit.

One of the themes of the weekend was the persistence we need on this journey of life. Life is full of many mountain top experiences and many valley obligations and struggles. And through it all, we can plan on having moments of dragging on the journey.

The key question becomes, what do you do when those moments come?

I didn't used to always handle those moments well, but I am learning how the best defense against life's dips is getting in God's Word and letting him speak directly to me.

Sweet friends, if you are walking through a valley right now or just having a moment where your body or soul is dragging, then go to the source of true sustenance and strength. Make a place at your table to meet with the Lord and invite him to join you with great expectation that he will speak to you.

He desires to meet you when you're dragging. He desires to fill you with strength for this journey that we are on. And he alone is the one who will give us strength for this journey that will take us all the way to our eternal home with him.

We all drag from time to time. He wants to meet you when you're dragging. Meet with him today!

Memorize this verse today:

"Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, join us there. Our God will fight for us!"
~Nehemiah 4:20

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