Verse of the Day

"Be still and know that I am God."

~Psalm 46:10

Today's Devotional Thought

June 21, 2012 by Rachel Piferi


Be Still

When we bought our house nearly two years ago, one of the big selling features was the pond on our property. We were moving from Baltimore where we had no land at all and actually, the size of our pond now would have accommodated the first four lots in our old neighborhood!

When we bought the property, I imagined going down to the water's edge and having my quiet time on the peaceful banks of the pond. Or perhaps I would build a prayer garden on an isolated piece of the shoreline where I could serenely meet with the Lord each morning.

We have lived here nearly two years and I have never done that.

Never have I gone down to the water and peacefully sat still before the Lord.

Never have I watched the sun set on the shores of the pond as I listened to the bullfrogs welcome in the night.

Never have I watched turtles perch on a log floating in the middle of waterway.

Never have I sat by water's edge and noticed the reflection of the sky above in the still water below.

Never have I done those things...until last evening.

My husband and children were actually away and I had a few hours to myself. And as I was contemplating what to do, I remembered my longing to sit by the pond when we first moved in. So, I grabbed my beach chair, my One Thousand Gifts book, a bottle of water, and my journal and walked to the edge of my pond. Amid the fallen leaves and pine cones and twigs, I sat beside the water.

And I was still.

I was amazed how much activity actually could be heard and seen on the pond's surface and beneath. The sounds of nature were startlingly loud. Not as silent as I envisioned.

But just as peaceful as I had imagined.

As the sun began to set, the blue sky turned shades of orange and pink. The pond grew darker as it ceased to reflect the blue sky above. And the sounds became normal.

Why hadn't I done this before?

I am not sure how long I was out there, but when I returned inside after sitting and praying and reading and journaling, my soul was full. Quieted. Slowed. Peaceful.

Yesterday, I wrote about our tendency to race through life. We have many obligations and we have many things we want to do. But every now and then, I urge you to find a quiet place and be still. Soak in the wonder and the beauty of the world around you.

Let God speak to you in the still quiet place.

Let him quiet your soul in our world that can be so loud. So busy. So hurried. And so very distracting from the One who gives us true peace. True contentment. And true fulfillment.

Be still.

Be still.

Be still.

Memorize this verse today:

"Be still and know that I am God."
~Psalm 46:10

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