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"Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth."

~Numbers 12:3

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March 08, 2013 by Wendy Foreman


Moses and Meekness

Moses is probably most known for the burning bush and the parting of the Red Sea. I recently did some research on Moses for a Bible study we are working on with our ladies and I could write numerous devotionals/articles on the various things I learned about Moses and what God did and how He worked in Moses life.

Today, I want to camp for a minute on the concept of meekness in Moses life.

I guess, first we should determine what meekness is. If we are talking about meekness according to Scripture, I believe it is to be humble, to have a calm strength about us, and to respond instead of react. These are three things that I see in Moses. And today, I want to look at Moses when he is 40 years old and Moses when he is 80 years old because I see two different men.

When Moses was 40 years old we know that he was a Prince in Egypt. He had been educated by the best teachers, was a great orator, was believed to have been taught in the ways of the military. He was powerful and I think he knew it. I don't know if it was arrogance or if it was confidence because of the way he had been raised, but either way Moses had a lot of self-confidence. We read in Scripture that Moses killed an Egyptian because the Egyptian was beating a Hebrew (and Moses was a Hebrew who had been adopted by Pharaoh's daughter). Moses was to be the great deliverer for the Hebrews, but that had to be in God's time not Moses time. Acts 7:25 says "Moses assumed his fellow Israelites would realize that God had sent him to rescue them, but they didn't." Moses killed a man maybe he felt he deserved it for beating one of his own men and what we see here is that Moses took matters into his own hands.

And when we do that, it causes nothing but heartache.

The next day, Moses had to flee to Egypt and all the comforts he was afforded because he was called out by his own people about the murder he had committed the day before. So where does Moses end up?

The desert. This is his punishment.

The next 40 years of Moses life are talked about very little in Scripture, but what we do know is that he meets his wife Zipporah, has 2 sons and becomes the one thing the Egyptians despise: a shepherd. While leading those sheep (which I believe will help him tremendously when God calls him to lead the children of Israel) he learns how to be gentle and how to be compassionate. While leading those sheep he had a lot of time to talk with God. Over those 40 years, Moses was emptied of himself. He wasn't making any big speeches or leading any armies. He wasn't strutting around a palace or making any grand decisions. He was leading sheep and being a husband and father.

Then one day a burning bush speaks to him and that voice is God's. God tells Moses that it is time to go back and get his people. Moses was so humble and told God that surely he was not the one because he could not speak. Whoa!! Did we not learn that he was a great orator? What happened that Moses doubted his own ability to speak well?

He was so far removed from that 40 year old Moses that was so full of SELF confidence.

Ladies, this is where I am amazed.

In those 40 years that Moses was leading sheep and perhaps just concentrating on his responsibilities as a husband and father, the Lord was working in Moses' life and Moses was emptying himself of self. Moses was beginning to understand that he is nothing without God. Moses had made poor decisions and he knew that greatness did not come from man, but came from God.

Moses stepped out at 80 years old, left all that was familiar again, and followed God this time. Moses was emptied of self but so full of God and it took a tragedy in Moses life to make him understand that to be a good leader you must not rely on your own knowledge, your own strength, your own looks or your own wealth, but you must rely on God.

That day, at the burning bush, God had Moses exactly where he wanted him: emptied of self and ready to be full of God.

I could talk about Moses all day. I have come to love this man of God and I desire to be like Him. I want to come before God, empty myself and be filled up with His spirit. Moses, as we learn throughout his leadership, was a man who went to God first. He didn't complain or murmur about the Israelites (and if you ask me, he could have done some complaining about those people). He knew God so intimately that he simply went to Him for answers. Yes, he did get angry and react one time and because of that one time, he was told he would not enter the Promised Land.

Moses was an amazing man, one of the meekest men of the Bible and one that I think we all could learn from.

How do we apply this to ourselves? Well friends, I think it is pretty simple. (I did not say easy, but I do think it is simple.) We need to empty ourselves of self and be filled up with the spirit of God. Allow yourself to be led by Him in every area of your life, in every interaction with others, in every decision, in everything. I have learned that meekness is saying and doing everything that the Lord tells you to do and say.

Meekness is a pretty tough concept and I am quite certain that none of us will master it this side of heaven. But friends, we must strive every day to be like Moses and most importantly, to be like Jesus Christ.

Memorize this verse today:

"Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth."
~Numbers 12:3

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