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"God is our refuge and strength, a VERY present help in trouble."

~Psalm 46:1

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March 13, 2013 by Rachel Piferi


He's Got Our Backs

I have a few blogs from other Christian women that I try to read faithfully. I find it so encouraging to read the struggles and victories of other Christian women on their journeys of life and faith. Last week, however, I got behind on the blogs I usually read. And last night, I found myself meandering through my favorite blogs to catch up.

And it was by NO coincidence that I read what I read last night exactly when I read it. It was written last week by Beth Moore on her blog (and read by me last night) and it started like this:

Hey, you lovely things! This morning early I got a very touching text from someone that made me start reflecting on so many ways that God seems to go out of His way (if that were possible) to make sure we know He's got our backs. You know what Iím talking about. Ways that He whispers in your ear or maybe reverberates from the mountaintops that He's aware of what you're battling and where you're hurting. Ways He tells you He has NOT forgotten. Ways He assures you that your prayers are not just hitting the ceiling. That He's on it and that your life has not for the merest instant been swallowed up in a black hole. That in your WAIT He is at WORK.

I know I will not be able to fully articulate how those words hit me, but I will try. I feel I should start by telling you that I am, self-admittedly, horrible at telling people when I am struggling. I know it drives those closest to me crazy, but I have such a hard time telling others what I may need in a time of struggle. Before you tell me it's a pride issue or a trust issue or something like that, please know that the Lord and I are working on this in me. I know it is a carry-over from my former life of self-sufficiency and independence. And bottom line, I sometimes just don't want to burden others with my concerns, especially when so many people are hurting out there.

But that is not the point of this post. The point is how God reminded me that HE KNOWS. Even if I can't get my needs or my concerns out to a single other soul, God knows them. And he cares intimately about them. And in a blog about how God shows us that he is aware of what we are battling, I was overwhelmingly reminded that He is aware of what I am battling and where I am hurting. And I can't ever over-burden him.

Do you know how that overwhelmed me?

Like a flood of love from a gracious Father who knows my hurts, bottles my tears, and carries me through everything in life, he reminded me that he's got me.

Even if I can't articulate it.

He's got me.

Even if I don't fully know why I'm scared or hurting or struggling.

He's got me.

No matter what the circumstance, situation, or season.

He's got me.

Friends, if you struggle to share with others what you need or if you are in a season where you feel like you don't have anyone to share your concerns with, please know that God always has your back. He always knows your hurts. He always cares about you. He has not forgotten you.

Oh how I pray that you know God's comfort, his guidance, and his presence. As Psalm 46:1 tells us, God is our refuge and strength, a VERY present help in trouble. He isn't just a little present. He is VERY present and VERY much with you.

Always. Until the end of time.

Today, I pray you are reminded of his presence and his concern for you. I pray you know deep in your soul that he knows you and all that you struggle with. And I pray that you find great comfort in that fact in whatever season or struggle you may find yourself in.

Memorize this verse today:

"God is our refuge and strength, a VERY present help in trouble."
~Psalm 46:1

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