Verse of the Day

"As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard."

~Acts 4:20

Today's Devotional Thought

June 03, 2013 by Rachel Piferi


Something Big

Five years old. That is how old she is today. Not bad for a girl who was not even given a chance by doctors. A girl who was labeled "incompatible with life." And a girl who we were told to abort because she would never live outside of me.

I know they never expected her to be able to breathe when she was born.

And yet, she cried with all her might {and with two perfectly formed lungs} when she arrived in that Baltimore operating room in June of 2008.

I know they never expected her to go home with us.

And yet, she stayed in the hospital only one week and then came home to a family of four people just waiting to love her and welcome her into the family.

I know they never expected her kidneys to function well.

And yet, she is holding her own and her kidneys are doing quite well {with a little help from medicine and a low-phosphorus diet}.

And, I know they never imagined in a million years that their recommendation to abort her would radically change my perspective, my life, and my mission on this Earth.

And yet, I sit here 5 years later as an ex-college professor and woman simply and whole-heartedly committed to sharing her story with the world, a story that was written and directed by God.

Today is my daughter Isabella's 5th birthday. And it is a day that I have celebrated for five years with such awe and gratitude to the Lord. As many of you know, my daughter had numerous problems when I was pregnant with her and the doctors recommended that we abort her. We chose not to end her life and through a mighty miracle, our little girl was born healthy.

This day changed my life in so many ways. I do not even have the words to describe it all to you. In fact, I am reminded of the verse in Luke's description of Jesus' birth where he says that Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart (Luke 2:19). Because that is what I have done with much of my experience of Isabella's pregnancy and birth that I cannot describe in words. There is a piece of Isabella's miraculous birth that I hold treasured deep in my heart and I reflect on it with the Lord.

Without words.

Just my God and myself. Face down before him in full gratitude and full recognition of what he has done.

A miracle.

In Isabella's life and in mine.

There is a song by Mary, Mary called, "Something Big" and every time I hear it, I turn it up loud because it is exactly how I have felt since 2008.

Something big has happened to me. And, I gotta tell the world about it!

Sweet friends, I don't know what seems impossible in your life today. But, let me tell you that whatever seems impossible can be possible with God. He can do the impossible. And I believe he wants to do the impossible in our lives.

So that we can know without a doubt that it was him. And only him.

I believe he wants to do the impossible because he wants to reveal himself to us. And so we can tell others about this amazing God who did the impossible in our life.

Maybe he will reveal himself in physical healing. Maybe he will reveal himself in emotional healing. Maybe he will reveal himself through strengthening you during a trial. Maybe he will reveal himself through provision in an impossible need.

I don't know what in your life needs a touch from the Lord, but I do know that he wants to reveal himself to you. He wants you to know him. And he wants you to tell his story to others. A story of his love, provision, guidance, and might.

Today, I celebrate not only God's miraculous healing of Isabella, but I celebrate God. And I praise him and thank him for revealing himself to me.

For pursuing me.

And for wanting me to reach back and ask him for the impossible.

An impossible that changed me and changed my life.

Today, I wish my sweet little miracle a happy birthday. And with tears in my eyes and such fullness in my heart, I will sing to her, pray over her as she goes to sleep, and praise my Father in heaven for this gift.

And not just the gift of her life, but the gift of his presence in my life and the way he made himself so real to me through the agonizing experience that was Isabella's pregnancy.

Something big has happened to me. And his name is Jesus. And I will spend the rest of my life telling others about this mighty God that I love and I serve. Because, sweet friends, I want you to know him. I want you to love him. And I want you to know how much he loves you and wants to guide you in all of your impossibles.

Today, I pray that you know how close God is and how many of your impossibles he wants to work in. All because he loves you and wants you to know him more.

He's pursuing you.

Reach back. And watch it change your life.

Memorize this verse today:

"As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard."
~Acts 4:20

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