Verse of the Day

"As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard."

~Acts 4:20

Today's Devotional Thought

July 10, 2013 by Rachel Piferi


Tell Your Story

In 2009, I heard it as clear as if it had been painted across the sky.

Tell her story.

I was sitting at a Women of Faith conference listening to Rich Stearns from WorldVision tell his story, and God kept whispering to me, Tell her story.

Isabella was just over one year old at the time and I had this stirring in my spirit that I was supposed to do something with her story. And sitting at Women of Faith in Washington, D.C., the Lord spoke to me very clearly and said, Tell her story.

I didn't get much more instruction than that. He didn't tell me how or when or where. He just told me to tell it.

And, while we were in Costa Rica, I was able to tell Isabella's story to four different audiences.

On the first day that we were in Costa Rica, we went to an evening church service at the church we were working with. In that service, the missionary we were working with wanted two of us to share our testimonies. When I heard him ask who wants to tell their story, I jumped at the chance to tell my testimony and Isabella's story. Little did I know that telling her story there would open up three more opportunities to tell it later in the week. Once at a small group. Once at a baby shower. And once at another church service.

Each time I told it, through the assistance of an interpreter, I was overcome with emotion. I watched the faces of the Costa Ricans listening to my story to make sure that I was telling it in a way that made sense. I was so worried that maybe some pieces of it wouldn't translate well. Worried that I wouldn't be able to tell it in a way that communicated all of the emotions, all of the details, and all of the miracle.

But I was wrong.

God's power always translates well.

The last night that we were ministering, I told her story at a small church in a really bad section of Costa Rica. The people were so welcoming and as I told Isabella's story {one sentence at a time through our translator}, I watched their faces. I watched them understand the awful decision we were being asked to make and how the doctors were pressuring us to abort Isabella. I watched them understand how much the waiting nearly killed me. And, I watched them rejoice as I told them that God had healed her and she just turned five years old last month.

At the end of the service, several of them gathered around me as I showed them pictures of her. And words like, "Bonita" {beautiful} and "Dios le bendiga" {God bless you} sang through the air.

And on that last night of ministering, as I watched this precious group of Costa Ricans embrace her story and celebrate her miracle, I remembered that day in 2009 that God told me to tell her story.

I didn't know in 2009 what God had planned for where I would tell it. And I certainly didn't have any idea that I would be taking her story to Costa Rica. I just knew he wanted me to tell it to whomever he put in my path.

Last week, her story went to Costa Rica. And with it, a story of God's power and sovereignty and proof that He is God.

I am amazed as I sit here and reflect on how God simply wants our obedience. He was us to go where he sends us with the message that he has given us. It could be at the grocery story, at our Bible study, or in a foreign country.

God is sending you many places. There is a great big mission field out there.

Tell your story.

Memorize this verse today:

"As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard."
~Acts 4:20

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