Verse of the Day

"Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn."

~Romans 12:15

Today's Devotional Thought

August 02, 2013 by Rachel Piferi


Sometimes the Journey is Just Sad

Yesterday, Wendy shared with you the journey she is on right now in her life. She shared how she is preparing to take her daughter to college and all the sadness that it brings. She also shared how she knows that this is a normal stage of life and that she wouldn't want it any other way.

But nonetheless, she is still sad.

And so am I.

When I read her post, I started to cry. Truth be told, I have cried a lot behind closed doors over her daughter going to college. I am really going to miss her too. The three of us have spent a lot of time together over the years. We have had many movie nights, Sweet Frog runs, and convertible rides together. We have laughed a lot. We have talked a lot. We have roadtripped to concerts and big cities together and hung out like three girlfriends. And we have taken many pictures in my car, the three of us squeezing in as her daughter holds her phone high to capture the moment.

So, my heart is also breaking. Because I am going to miss her and miss all that so much.

And not only am I going to miss her daughter too {she truly is like family and a friend to me}, but my heart just breaks for Wendy.

You see, I love that lady like my sister. And I know how sad she is right now. And when her heart breaks so does mine.

Wendy and I have walked through a few valleys together. Whether it was her going through something or me walking through a valley, we have been there for each other often. Over the years of our sisterhood, we have cried together often, drove around cornfields talking and singing together, texted prayers and Scripture to each other, and consumed more coffee than I can imagine as we have prayed, processed, and picked up the pieces of many situations.

When she rejoices, I rejoice. And when she mourns, so do I (Romans 12:15).

And this time is no different.

Oh how I hate when someone I love is sad. But, I am learning that sometimes, we are just going to be sad as we walk through certain seasons of life. And that is okay. It doesn't mean that we don't trust God. It doesn't mean that we have stopped believing that He is with us. It just means that the circumstances are sad. In many situations, there is real loss that is really sad. And, as we walk through those valleys or transitions in life, we just have to walk.

And we grab someone we love and we walk it with them. Not because they can really make the situation any better, but just because in some small way, their presence makes the walk more bearable. I know that is why God gave us each other. Not because we can heal, save, protect, or cure each other - that is God's job - but because we can love and we can walk and we can show someone that they are not alone.

Sometimes the journey is just sad. But I thank God that we don't have to walk in sadness alone.

Memorize this verse today:

"Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn."
~Romans 12:15

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