Verse of the Day

"But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer."

~Luke 5:16

Today's Devotional Thought

August 18, 2014 by Wendy Foreman


Going to the Wilderness to Pray

Do you withdraw and spend time with God?

Today's verse is in the midst of many verses talking about Jesus' ministry. Now if you are just reading along you would probably just read right past this verse and not think twice about it.

However, when I read it I stopped and thought about it. I thought about how Jesus was both God and man and how tired he must have been after traveling around teaching and healing. I wondered about the conversation he must have had with his father. What things did he pray for?

But I camped on the idea that Jesus was just like us.

I dare say everyone reading this has a life that is insanely busy. It does not matter your age or phase of life. I have been through caring for infants, the terrible twos, teenage years with one, about to enter them with another, taught one child to drive, have a few years before our next one does. I listen to drama just about daily from our daughter who is away at college (and I love every minute of our conversations). I have a middle school son who thinks any sound from the body is hysterical. I am a Pastor's wife who leads two Bible studies; I direct the children's choir and have just moved my parents into the same town I live in. My life is full, happy and very busy. There are times when life is pushing in on me. I feel like I have no time to take care of myself because the demands around me are so great and I can almost feel my body crying out to the Lord to refresh me.

I want to make a very clear point here, so please listen. I am sure that most of us have our quiet time in the morning. We read our Bibles, our devotional book, look over additional Scripture, pray and journal our thoughts, but what I am talking about today is something different.

When you read the verses that surround our key verse today we get a clear picture that Jesus was tired. People were pushing in, he was teaching and healing, he reached a point when he (in my opinion) needed refreshment, and he needed rest. Scripture does not tell us what he prayed or what he did for that evening. I sure would love to know! We do know that by morning they were looking for Him and people were ready for more teaching and more healing and He was ready to go. Jesus during his time with his heavenly Father received what He needed to go about the work His Father had for Him.

We all have things that lie ahead for us in each day. Taking care of our kids, grandkids, parents, spouses, our jobs and many other things. And sometimes, when life is pushing in, we need to do more than 15 minutes in the morning reading Scripture. We need to lock ourselves in our prayer closet and let Him refresh us.

If life is pushing in and you are feeling weary and tired let me give you some good news today. Jesus, who is our example, would slip away and spend time in prayer. During that prayer time I believe that God strengthened Him and prepared Him for what he had for him.

God will do the same for you.

Find your prayer closet today and lock yourself in and allow the Lord to love on you, to fill you up to overflowing so that you can then turn around and minister to others out of the overflow.

God is willing and ready to strengthen you, to give you rest and to refresh your heart today.

Memorize this verse today:

"But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer."
~Luke 5:16

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