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"Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later."

~Romans 8:18 (NLT)

Today's Devotional Thought

March 13, 2015 by Rachel Piferi


When Truth Even Hurts

We talk a lot here and with women about learning to recognize Satan's lies and memorizing Scripture to refute those lies. As I have walked this journey of life and aged a little (not a lot, just a little), I have grown to really recognize how the enemy lies to women. Through media, through friends and family, through things we read or hear, and through countless other ways, Satan is trying to lie to us. We know he is described in the Scripture as the father of all lies and that he wants nothing more than to separate us from God's truth.

Over the last couple of days, I have been thinking about how those lies really hurt women. But as I was thinking about it, I realized that its not just lies that hurt. But the "truths" of this world can also hurt. Something doesn't have to be false to still hurt.

Children grow up and move away and start their own lives. And their absence in our daily lives hurts.

Companies go out of business and leave employees without jobs and in financial stress. And that hurts.

Family members live long, fruitful lives and then the Lord calls them home and we miss their presence in our lives. And that hurts.

Friends move on or relocate and leave a hole where their relationship once was. And that hurts.

There are so many things in this life that are not "lies" per se, but are true realities of this world that cause us pain and hurt. Even Jesus told us that we would have true, honest pain in this world (John 16:33).

So what do you do?

What do you do when the hurt is real and true? Not due to a lie that can be refuted, but due to a real, true situation that just hurts.

Well, much like we talk about combatting the lies of this world with Scripture, I think we also need to combat the truths of this world with Scripture! You see, in John 16:33, Jesus told us the truth is that we will have pain in this world, but an even greater truth is that it won't last forever! He has overcome it all! And Paul echoes these sentiments in Romans 8:18 when he says that this present pain is nothing in comparison to the joy that is coming!!

And I don't know about you, but that brings me great hope! And encourages me to fight another day!

One of my favorite quotes is by Billy Graham when he said, "My home is in heaven. I'm just traveling through this world."

The truth of the matter is this world does hurt. Lies. Truths. They hurt. But, this world is not our home (Hebrews 13:14). We are just traveling through and someday, we will live in a place where there are no more lies and no more hardships and no more things that bring us pain.

We will simply bask in the beauty and love and awesomeness of God's glory and worship him forever.

No more pain. No more sorrow. No more hurt.

Now that is some sweet truth for this Friday morning!!

Grace & peace y'all and remember, there is a greater truth out there than what the world will tell you today. Cling to it today...with all you got!

Memorize this verse today:

"Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later."
~Romans 8:18 (NLT)

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