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"This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent."

~John 17:3

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June 09, 2016 by Rachel Piferi


Maximizing Your God-given Potential: You Must Know Him

The house was quiet. The dryer had just finished its cycle and the light melody that plays when its done was followed by a quiet stillness. The quiet actually took me by surprise as I noticed how still the house was. Everyone was out at various activities which yielded a rare moment of quiet. With three growing and active children and a husband whose office is on the second floor of our home, the house is rarely quiet.

And I sat there mesmerized by the sound of stillness. The only sound I heard was the distant sound of a lawn mower and my grandparents' clock subtly ticking from the piano.



And in a moment, I could feel my Spirit still too.

My heart, previously burdened and saddened from some recent events, began to feel calm.

Before the dryer stopped, I had been reading in Deuteronomy and praying for a variety of people and events in my life. Praying for peace in some key areas.

And as the dryer stopped and the sound of time subtly beated its drum from the piano room, the Lord's presence was overwhelming.






Communion with Him.


Moments like this with Jesus are what I live for. My life, like many of yours, is very busy. Very loud. Very confusing, stressful, and hurtful at times.

But also, so very joyous.

And while certain seasons can feel very full of the struggle of this world, these same seasons bring brilliant glimpses of Jesus and a plan bigger than I can see.

It is in these seasons that the words of God found in His Scriptures become manna from heaven to feast on and sustain me. It is these seasons that my soul is awakened to His truths and promises.

It is truly why I can find such joy in trials, as James commands.

Because through trial, my endurance and my hope is realized. Is truly birthed and grown.

It is where I know Jesus so much more. It is when, in the words of the Apostle Paul, I truly know Christ and the power of His resurrection. Where I fellowship in His sufferings and become more conformed to Him (Philippians 3:10-11).

It is when I begin to truly recognize that God has placed His Spirit within me and that He really is molding and growing me to be the very best version of myself I can be. A version that looks more like Jesus and less like me.

Where my God-given potential begins to sprout.

You see, in the fertile soil of hardship or struggle, Jesus plants me.

To grow.

And He knows that I will need Him to fully develop into what He has for me.

He knows that my growth is dependent on me knowing Him more.

Dependent on digging deep into His Word and learning His Truths.

Dependent on wrestling through those truths and walking the thing out to believe those Truths.

My growth requires struggle.

He knows that.

And I am learning that too.

In my last post, I started discussing the concept of maximizing your God-given potential. And I asked if you thought you were doing that.

I asked you to reflect on whether you thought you were living the abundant life that Jesus has for you. Whether you were maximizing your God-given potential to make a radical difference for Jesus.

And if you didn't think you were, then why not?

Today, I want to share a little on the first step of maximizing your potential. You see, before you do anything, you need to know and love Jesus.

Before you run after your calling or search for your purpose and how to maximize your potential, you need to know and fall in love with the call-er. You need to know the One who has created you, who loves you, and who has good plans for you.

It all starts with Jesus.

Knowing Him and His character. Knowing His promises and His plan. Knowing His love and grace.

If you are going to maximize your potential and step into all that God has for you, then you need to know the One who is directing your steps. A big part of maximizing your potential is going to be stepping into uncertain situations or taking some risks that God tells you to take. And if you don't know the One directing your steps or asking you to take risks, will you trust Him? Will you do it?

I don't know about you, but I don't usually take direction from someone I don't know. Especially when it comes to big things in life or big risks. If I don't know or trust the direction-giver, I am not real likely to follow through.

And the same is true in our relationships with God.

Oh friends, God knows what His plan is for you. He knows the adventures and assignments He has for you. He knows the relationships He is going to bring into your life to help encourage you to reach your potential in Him. And He knows what He's put in you that He is going to pull out through new and challenging times.

He knows.

And for you to truly believe Him and obey Him, you must know Him.

How will you ever take the risks it is going to take or walk through the challenges and struggles that are required to grow if you don't know the One who is guiding you?

So many people miss the abundant life God has for them, full of experiences where they are maximizing their God-given potential simply because they don't believe the One who is orchestrating it all. The creator of the universe wants to create an abundant life for you, but you will never walk one single day in it if you don't know Him and trust Him. As you will see as we continue to explore this concept of maximizing our God-given potentials, living the life God has dreamed for you will be challenging and will take quite a bit of risk.

But you will take on these challenges fully equipped and you will approach these risks with much eagerness and peace when you know the One who goes before you in them. When you trust the One who is asking you to do them so you can be more.

All for Him.

If you are truly interested in being all that you can be for the glory of Jesus Christ, then it starts with studying who your Creator is. It starts with knowing and falling in love with the One who holds you dearly and wants so much for you.

Step one to maximizing your God-given potential is committing to know Jesus. Friends, commit to opening your Bible daily in pursuit of truly knowing who He is and what His Word says about His character and promises. Commit to know and trust the One who has asked you to follow Him.

And then you'll follow Him right into your Promised Land...

Memorize this verse today:

"This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent."
~John 17:3

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