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"Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path."

~Psalm 119:105

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April 08, 2018 by Rachel Piferi


New Bible Study: In His Image

I don't know if I even have the words to describe how excited we are to share with you our latest project. To be honest, it feels a little crazy to even see it in print and available online. Just 9 months ago, it was just an idea being thrown around in my car as Wendy & I road tripped to Lynchburg to pick our sons up from Cross Country Camp at Liberty University.

As we so often do as we road trip, we had just stopped for a Coke Icee and some Hot Fries, and we were talking about what we were going to do for our Fall Ladies' Bible study. As we headed west on Route 460, we reflected on all the Bible studies we had done with our ladies and how much we wanted for them. We have been doing Bible study together for 8 years and we really felt like the Lord was asking us to do something new. And we felt like the Lord was asking us to write something new.

At that point, we had done studies from every major women's Bible study author with our ladies. And, we had sat under some amazing Bible teachers in those studies. We'd watched their videos. We'd filled in their blanks. We answered their questions. And we had grown immensely as a group. Our Women of the Word had just fallen in love with the Word and with Bible study from these studies.

And as we embarked on the Fall of 2017, we felt like the Lord was asking us to step away from packaged Bible studies and just spend time with Him. And we felt Him challenging us to not read man's words, but just read His Word.

What that was going to look like was not real clear to us. But as He always does, He guided us to a theme and then to what it would look like. And, within a few weeks, the "In His Image" Bible study was born.

This study came out of a desire to get women in the Word for themselves. While we would guide them a little, our desire was to set the table, give them some verses, and then step back and let the Holy Spirit speak through Scripture in whatever way He needed to. In whatever way each woman needed to hear from Jesus, she could.

Not our blanks or our questions.

Just God and His Word.

And what emerged week to week was just amazing. As we each read the same verses each week on different topics related to being a Godly woman, we each fell in love with truly studying His Word for ourselves. We came together each week to talk about how God spoke to us or which translation spoke to us or how the verses worked together to give us a fuller understanding of that week's topic. We wrote out Scripture in our own handwriting and we lingered a bit in His Word in a way that we had not done before as a group.

It turned into far more than we had even expected when we were road tripping to Lynchburg. And what started out as a 7 week Fall Bible study, turned into a 13 week complete Bible study on various aspects of being a Godly woman. And it became what was published just this month.

If you are looking for a guide to either personal Bible study or a group Bible study, this certainly would be good for you. It is quite simply a collection of topics and a selection of verses where God can speak directly to you in whatever way you need in this season of your life. Its not our words, but His Word, that is transformative and our desire is to simply guide women to falling in love with Jesus and His Word.

We've just set the table with a few verses and we're asking the Lord to speak to each woman individually just as she needs.

We pray you will consider this study for yourself or your group. And we pray that God speaks powerfully to you through it. If you are local and would like a copy of the Bible study, please just see us personally and we will get one to you. If you are not local, then you can find the Bible study on Amazon here.

Additionally, if your group decides to do this study together, we would love to hear from you. And, if you would be interested in hearing a bit of our heart or getting an introduction to the study from us personally when your group starts meeting, we'd like to offer to meet virtually with your group via Skype or Facetime on your first meeting. We would love to see your sweet faces and let you hear from us as you begin this study. Please just contact us on the contact page if you would like to arrange a meeting for your group - we'd so love to do that!

Oh how we love God's Word. There is no better source of guidance, encouragement, wisdom, and love. We pray you are in it daily. And we pray you continue to know how truly loved you are by your Heavenly Father.

Stay in the Word sisters. And let the Word stay in you! God bless!

Memorize this verse today:

"Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path."
~Psalm 119:105

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