Verse of the Day

"Seek out the LORD and His strength; seek His face always."

~Psalm 105:4

Today's Devotional Thought

December 03, 2018 by Rachel Piferi


The Face of God

Have you ever wondered what it was like for Mary in the still, quiet moments of that first night when Jesus was born? That very first moment that she saw His tiny face.

What did she see?

As she gazed at Jesus throughout that first night, what did she experience?

What did the small face of our Lord look like?

All new mothers spend hours just gazing on the sweet faces of their new babies. And I can't help but wonder how much more spectacular it must have been for the mother of our Lord.

And as He grew, oh how I'm sure she loved gazing into His face. From baby to toddler to child to teenager to man.

The face of her son. Her Lord. Her Savior.

Her Wonderful Counselor.

Her Mighty God.

Her Everlasting Father.

Her Prince of Peace.

Her Emanuel.

She was going to walk much life with Jesus. She was going to see Him grow in wisdom and in stature. She would see Him be adored by many and hated by others. She would see Him guide disciples and teach with authority. She would see Him heal and perform miracles and confound religious leaders.

She would see Him get arrested and be killed brutally on a cross.

And she would see Him be raised from the dead.

But that first night when Jesus was born, what did she see in His little face? What did she think? What did she pray?

What did the very literal presence of baby Jesus feel like?

As I sit still this morning in the light glow of my Christmas tree and I feel the very presence of my Lord as I read through the pages of my Bible, I think of the day when I will finally see His face. Not as a baby, but as my Lord and my Savior and the very ruler of Heaven and Earth.

The very day that I will touch the scars in His hands and hear His voice welcome me to eternity with Him. The moment that I will be welcomed into His very presence. Finally and forever.

I imagine that first night Mary experienced His presence was magnificent.

And I imagine that first moment I experience His actual presence will be as well.

My Wonderful Counselor.

My Mighty God.

My Everlasting Father.

My Prince of Peace.

My Emanuel.

Today, as we continue taking a few moments each day to be still, I challenge you to sit and celebrate the presence of the Lord. Let your mind savor the thought of Mary being in the actual presence of Jesus and how magnificent that must have been. And let your mind savor your experiences of the very Spirit of God in our days and lives. It is a gift to experience His Spirit in our days. And someday, we will experience His presence more fully and will be able to touch Him, hear Him, and gaze upon His beautiful face. Oh glorious day...

Memorize this verse today:

"Seek out the LORD and His strength; seek His face always."
~Psalm 105:4

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