Today's Devotional Thought

July 23, 2015, By Wendy Foreman

This past Friday night we had our community quarterly women's gathering called the {BE} GATHERING at our church and Rachel and I shared bits and pieces of our life stories. As I spent time over the weekend reflecting on the evening and praising God for his work among the ladies, I remembered a part of my story that I haven't been able to shake. So, I went to writing this devotional in hopes that it will encourage you today.

Five years ago I was questioning God about where I was in my life. I was in the midst of depression and was on medication and emotionally I was in a better place but I still had so many questions about what had put me in the depression to begin with. Answers weren't coming and the anger, or maybe a better word would be the frustration I was feeling, was building. So out of that frustration, I opened up scripture and asked the Lord to give me something to help me with where I was.

I found myself in the book of Joel; yes there is a book in the Bible with that name. Now I will be honest, I don't know that I had ever read the book of Joel before this time. As I read this short book of the Bible, I was a bit confused on why the Lord had led me there of all places. Why not somewhere in Psalms? I asked the Lord to reveal to me just what exactly it was that He was trying to show me in the book of Joel.

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