Today's Devotional Thought

April 08, 2018, By Rachel Piferi

I don't know if I even have the words to describe how excited we are to share with you our latest project. To be honest, it feels a little crazy to even see it in print and available online. Just 9 months ago, it was just an idea being thrown around in my car as Wendy & I road tripped to Lynchburg to pick our sons up from Cross Country Camp at Liberty University.

As we so often do as we road trip, we had just stopped for a Coke Icee and some Hot Fries, and we were talking about what we were going to do for our Fall Ladies' Bible study. As we headed west on Route 460, we reflected on all the Bible studies we had done with our ladies and how much we wanted for them. We had been at Bible study together for 8 years and we really felt like the Lord was asking us to do something new. And we felt like the Lord was asking us to write something new.

At that point, we had done studies from every major women's Bible study author with our ladies. And, we had sat under some amazing Bible teachers in those studies. We'd watched their videos. We'd filled in their blanks. And we had grown immensely as a group. Our Women of the Word had just fallen in love with the Word and with Bible study.

And as we embarked on the Fall of 2017, we felt like the Lord was asking us to step away from packaged Bible studies and just spend time with Him. And we felt Him challenging us to not read man's words, but just read His Word.

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