Today's Devotional Thought

September 09, 2014, By Wendy Foreman

Has God ever called you to do something crazy? So crazy that those around you are pretty sure that you have lost your mind?

In Acts 9:10-16 we are introduced to a man by the name of Ananias. Earlier in Acts 9 we see that Saul from Tarsus meets Jesus on the road to Damascus, a road which was to lead him to persecute and execute Christians. In that encounter, Saul comes to know who Jesus is. And later, in verses 10-16, we see God telling Ananias to go and talk with Saul.

Now, that is pretty crazy if all the knowledge you have on Saul from Tarsus is that he is a persecutor and killer of Christians, of which you are one.

However, Ananias had fully surrendered his life to the Lord and was willing to be obedient even in this crazy thing. Ananias did not know what Saul would do when he got there. But the Lord had told him that Saul was a chosen instrument of His.

Ananias had to trust God and step out.

What holds us back from doing something crazy for God?

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