Today's Devotional Thought

August 25, 2014, By Wendy Foreman

I want to share my heart with you today about something I am so absolutely passionate about and that is reading, understanding and living out God's word. You see, I believe that God's Word is alive and that it is filled with the answers we are all searching for, from how to raise our children, to how to be godly women, to how to love one another, to how to live life in a way that will bring about joy and abundance just to name a few. God's Word is full of promises and full of truth.

We just have to open it and study it.

By studying it and asking the Holy Spirit to give us a deeper understanding, we will begin to gain such knowledge of God's Word and how to apply what it says to our lives and in turn, live out those words and follow God in obedience.

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