Today's Devotional Thought

April 20, 2015, By Rachel Piferi

There are certain songs that can just bring me to my knees. And this morning, I want to share one of those songs that just touches my soul like none other. Right now, as I write this, it is actually Sunday night, and the house is quiet after a very full weekend. My spirit is settling from a weekend full of inexplicable highs and some quiet lows. And as I spend some time with the Lord before I say goodnight on this Sunday, I have my earbuds in and my favorite books of the Bible open. And as I listen to some of my favorite songs and I linger a moment in my favorite verses, I am so overwhelmed with the sweetness of the Lord's love, grace, and everlasting presence in my days, my years, and my life.

And I am just overcome right now by his redemption. From his simple redemption of a day that starts poorly to his redemption of one of my bad decisions to his redemption of my soul.

Like each of you, I have moments in my life that make my heart rejoice with the victories and successes found in them. And, I also have moments where no victory was evident at first and honestly, that were so full of sadness & defeat. Things that hurt, year after year, and that had no clear sign of how they would ever turn around.... ...Read more of Today's Devotional Thought

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