Today's Devotional Thought

May 26, 2016, By Rachel Piferi

There is nothing I enjoy more than watching people maximize their God-given potential. In fact, when I think about what I desire to do in life, one of my life goals (no matter the context) is to help people maximize their potential.

To become all they can become to the glory of God.

To know they have been created with a purpose.

To know they have been created unique for that purpose.

To know that there is a life out there that is more glorious than they can even imagine.

To know that they could very easily miss that life if they weren't careful.

In fact, many {dare I say most} do.

Many miss the abundant life God has for them, full of experiences where they are maximizing their God-given potential, simply because they don't believe in it. They don't pray for it. They don't do the work & grow in it. They don't take risks to step out and go after it.

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