Today's Devotional Thought

June 28, 2015, By Rachel Piferi

They say that every writer or speaker has a life message. That there is some Truth of God that resonates so strongly in their story that their messages often point to that one truth more than other truths. Not that all truths aren't equally important, but for many, there is this one life message truth that is special to them because they've truly lived it and know it deeply. And they can teach it, write it, and share it with such conviction because they've been there and know, from experience, it is true.

For me, it's this...

God's plans are always best.

Oh how I have lived that. Often God's plans start off confusing and scary and out of what we were expecting, but they always turn out best. And following Jesus into the unknown, and trusting him through it, yields a crazy full and abundant life.

That's my life story.

God's plans are always best.

I try to stay out of political discussions, especially in blogging or social media formats, because I find that online discussions of social and political issues don't often yield fruitful outcomes. The two-dimensional space of typed words on a screen is littered with conversations that are often miscommunicated, misconstrued, misinterpreted, and often cause more harm than good.

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