Verse of the Day

"I will sing of the LORD's great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations."

~Psalm 89:1

Today's Devotional Thought

September 30, 2013 by Rachel Piferi


He is Faithful

Has something ever happened in your life that you just knew was the Lord? Something that just left you with your mouth wide open, shaking your head, and going, "Whoa!"

Maybe somebody said something that confirmed a discussion you were having with God.

Maybe you were asking God for clarity on whether you should move forward in an area of life and you hear the perfect sermon that gives you direction and peace.

Maybe a stranger walked up to you and said, "I don't know why I am telling you this, but..."

I don't know what form it has taken in your life, but I have several moments that I can look back on and say, "WHOA! That was God."

I was sharing one of those moments with a friend last night at church. She was asking me some questions about Isabella's story and our move to our little small town and I got to a part of the story where there was a definite, "WHOA!" moment and I watched as she said the same with me...

"Whoa! God was all over that one."


The conversation led me to reflect most of the night of the many moments over the last few years that God has turned my head and left me sitting in amazement at what he has done. And as I reflected on those moments, I was left so strengthened for whatever it is that may lay ahead.

It reminded me of the many times that Moses or Joshua asked the Israelites to reflect on what God had delivered them from. So many times, they asked God's chosen people to reflect on the evidence that he was their God.

And many times, they led them to reflect when they were about to take on something new or were in a pretty discouraged spot.

The same is so true for us.

I believe it is so important to make a point of reflecting on how God has delivered us, loved us, guided us, and wow'd us as we continue journeying in life. In those moments that we are taking on a new battle or feeling discouraged from the one we're in, reflecting on all that God has been for us in the past will strengthen us for the future.

There are many things about God that make me go, "Whoa!" And nothing makes me go "Whoa!" more than his everlasting love and faithfulness to his children and the encouragement he gives us to keep on fighting the good fight under the power of that very love and faithfulness.

Fight well out there today, okay? And do it with the strength of the Lord that comes from knowing how he has been faithful before and will be faithful again!

I pray you all have a glorious Monday and that God makes you go "Whoa!" today!

Memorize this verse today:

"I will sing of the LORD's great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations."
~Psalm 89:1

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